Learn Your Body for Bodybuilding Success

bodybuilding successIt is so important to learn your body for bodybuilding success. Let me show you how to adjust your workouts based on your individual response to weight training so that you can build muscle fast and reach your goals.

Over the years I don’t know if I can count the number of times that I have read or heard that as a bodybuilder, you should learn your body for bodybuilding success.

What does that mean? Well, as I have trained and competed over the years, I think I have finally reached an understanding.

All of our bodies are different from each other, and because of that, the way they respond to everything varies from person to person. There are basic fundamentals that are universal, but even within those parameters there are differences.

The differences are usually in how much weight training a person’s body can handle and how long it will take them to recover from it.

There are also differences in how big a person can grow, and how lean they can become and so on. While you can’t change what your natural limits are for size and body fat level, you can maximize them and reach that level more quickly by learning the optimum training for your body.

Let me give you an example. When I was preparing for a Powerlifting competition I was squatting on Mondays and Deadlifting on Fridays because that was what “everyone” said was best. It didn’t take me long to realize that my lower back just couldn’t take the beating it was receiving from that schedule.

I began to space it out so that I would squat and then rest 5 days before deadlifting. I would rest another 5 days before squatting again, and so on and so forth. By doing this, my lower back was able to recover better, and I set personal bests in both the Squat and Deadlift at the contest I had been training for.

Since then, I have found that I do even better by training exercises that tax my lower back only once a week. I will train two exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, or power cleans, each week and rotate the exercises each workout. By doing that, my lower back gets to rest all week until the next workout, and I am always recovered and ready to go.

You may find that certain body parts can be trained more often and grow more quickly, while other body parts need more rest between workouts.

You may find that some exercises work great for you, and others don’t seem to work at all. Don’t let someone else’s opinion make you do something you know doesn’t work. That being said, you should always keep an open mind, and try all reasonable things out before deciding whether or not something works.

When you learn your body for bodybuilding, you will be able to train more effectively with fewer setbacks. That means that you will be able to maximize your potential much sooner, and be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor for that much longer.

Good Luck with your training!